Dev Paramarajan, Oct 2nd 2010 for HTC Service

Text: Psalm 5:3

Theme: Connect to the Lord firmly. Discover Who He is truly. Establish a business line with Him. Move boldly, with an unshakable expectation from God in Christ Jesus.

Ice Breaker: Is stress good for us?

Yes and no. Stress is essential to get lot of tasks to be done in a short amount of time, also to get a job done without any diversion.

When a good stress comes on you, something grips you and gets your total attention and nothing could stop you until you get the task done no matter what opposes. Example – a fire fighter riding a fire truck in midst of crowded NY city, the entire fire fighting team’s success and lives of many are on his shoulder – he got to get the team on time, he got to ride fast and careful in midst of bumper to bumper traffic.

Task need to be accomplished is very critical and serious where your complete attention is paramount.

Stress is good, it’s not all bad. They say stress is what makes baby grow, they’re forced to understand many things in midst of tremendous amount of changes happening in their physical body, mind, emotions and feelings. They handle their best! God bless them. We all did too.

Now, bad stress – can someone name a cause?

This kind of stress produces hormones such as cortisol, GH and norepinephrine – these are released in our bodies during the periods of high stress. Cortisol is believed to affect the metabolic system and norepinephrine is believed to play a role in ADHD (attention deficit disorder) as well as depression and hypertension.

Some of you, more than anyone would have a very fast paced life where every area of your life requires complete attention, commitment and responsibility. You will get into this bad stress if you don’t know how to handle.

As a child of God, if you don’t learn to handle the bad stress – you can’t expect much to accomplish. This is very true; I will show from the Word of God in a moment.

How do we then handle this bad stress?

Do we shout at our spouse, our co-workers, honk and be mad on others who share the road? Do we curse using foul words? Do we punch a pillow with our fist or break couple of things at home?

I tell you, you can do all of the above and think you are relieved, but the result – you will be isolated. You will feel inadequate, unworthy and you will feel self-pity and you will be depressed. Devil’s mission accomplished.

Lord is very careful when He puts people in position. David was picked by God, not for any talents, but for him simplicity to rely totally on God and his habit of doing things waiting on the Lord.

Psalm 3:5 “I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.”

Jesus had the same relaxed attitude – in fact had a nap when His disciple where screaming and hollering in the boat due to a raging storm.

This was the qualification, and this will be the qualification always to serve in His Kingdom.

Read Psalm 5:3 “In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.”

David was not just a praise and worshipper – he was a prayer warrior. He knew to pray until he gets himself relieved of the stress and change gear into an expectation mode.

He handled most stressful events, responsibilities, blood drenched wars and commitment to the Lord in midst of his enemies and death threats.

He didn’t write all those psalms because it was his hobby or he had nothing else to do. Because he had so much going on and the amount of things need to be accomplished!

Prayer is the most powerful gift God gave when we establish a connection with Him.

Prayer time shouldn’t be a waste of time. When you go for prayer you go to work, if you expect your prayer to be answered.

When you finish praying you should have a firm confirmation that you can expect on what you requested from God. Every prayer should accomplish its very purpose – answer! So, you should expect from God for Whom nothing is impossible.

Prayer of Lord Jesus Christ was clear, God-confident and full of expectation.

Expectation means, ‘mental picture of the future’, ‘anticipating with the confidence of fulfillment’.

Expectation should be the very outcome of our prayer to the Lord.

John 11:42 “I knew that You always hear Me”, Christ Jesus had an unshakable confidence in His Father – His expectation was pretty strong and there was no doubt about it, no matter what He would ask.

Pray like Daniel




Result: Answer even before you pray

Pray like David

First thing in the morning

Lay it down

Expect the rest of the day

Result: Peace, stress-free and God success

Pray like Jesus


God Kingdom and power in every word

Display the Father, the exact representation

Result: Very Kingdom of God in midst of you!