The indecent faith

Two blind men were sitting beside the road. When they heard that Jesus was coming that way, they began shouting… “Be quiet!” the crowd yelled at them. But they only shouted louder, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!”

“Lord,” they said, “we want to see!” Jesus felt sorry for them and touched their eyes. Instantly they could see! Then they followed him. Matthew 20:30-31

These blind men want to see. They didn’t struggle a bit in their faith – they fully knew Jesus could heal them; all their struggle was to shout over the people’s opinions around them.

When such faith arise in us like how it did in these blind men, we should not be afraid to get indecent like this, and have to start shouting over every opinion that is trying to quite the stirring of the Holy Spirit in us.


Still Hiring!

For the Kingdom of Heaven is like the landowner who went out early one morning to hire workers for his vineyard. Matthew 20:1

Lord Jesus Christ constantly emphasized the fact that there in no hiring freeze in His Kingdom, and there are lot of works got to be done – therefore pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He sends more laborer.

We read here in this parable, the landowner is constantly hiring thru’ out the day whomever he finds – importantly those who’re standing around and doing nothing.

Reason, His grace can’t go waste!

His pay isn’t our effort-based, but His grace-based.

You know the saying, ‘Four months between planting and harvest.’ But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest. The harvesters are paid good wages, and the fruit they harvest is people brought to eternal life. What joy awaits both the planter and the harvester alike! You know the saying, ‘One plants and another harvests.’ And it’s true. I sent you to harvest where you didn’t plant; others had already done the work, and now you will get to gather the harvest.” John 4:35-38

No Temporary Relief!

The Israelite foremen could see that they were in serious trouble… they confronted Moses and Aaron… said to them, “May the LORD judge and punish you for making us stink before Pharaoh…” Exodus 4:19-21

Moses had met with God himself in a burning bush. Just few days ago had successfully performed all the signs God asked to do before His people – and saw with his own eyes all the people worshipped the Lord, and accepted that Moses was sent by God.

But now after their meeting with Pharaoh, the table changed. Talk about conflict management!

Yes they were in slavery under brutal masters working to meet impossible milestones of those daily quota, but still they had to realize God’s ultimate deliverance plan – which isn’t a short term relief.

Moses and Aaron, by God’s help survived these daily ‘curses’ from their own people, but never failed to fight their daily ‘real’ battle with Pharaoh that God required them to fight with the simple phrase “let my people go”.

Deliverance comes when leadership learns to fight the real battle, and when people start opposing and rebelling against the real enemy not their leaders.

Always good to remember that Lord gives deliverance not temporary relief!

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

The Lord remembers, do you?

Years passed, and the king of Egypt died. But the Israelites continued to groan under their burden of slavery. They cried out for help, and their cry rose up to God.
God heard their groaning, and he remembered his covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act. Exodus 2:23-25

People of Israel thought once the Pharaoh dies their slavery and hardship would be over. Because of this assumption they never sought God’s help to deliver them.

Often times we too are deceived to stay in a prolonged slavery to give in to a thought that things will get better and there is nothing we can do about.

People of Israel’s false hope was broken painfully when the next king came to power; only then they started to cry out to the Lord. The Lord heard, remembered the promise He made and saw that it was time to act.

Let’s leave all the false hopes and start placing our hope on the promise He had made, and start crying out to Him until He hears!

Otherwise we would be that lame man sat by the pool of Bethesda in John 5:1-9 for 38 years hoping every time that he would be healed the next time when the angel stirs the water!

When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, “Would you like to get well?” John 5:6

Gaining the supernatural sight

The baby’s sister then stood at a distance, watching to see what would happen to him. Exodus 2:4

This is Miriam watching baby Moses (not named yet) flowing down in the river Nile laying in a basket. Her mother loved the baby, but after 3 months she figured it is humanly impossible for her to save the child, so she put the baby in the basket and laid it among the reeds along the bank of the River Nile and let it go.

No mother can stay in the scene to watch what would happen to her baby – so she should’ve ran back to her home heart broken. But the baby’s sister Miriam stood still and watched believing in her supernatural working God of Israel!

One of the most restless and nervous seasons in our lives is when we had fully realized that we’re in a humanly impossible situation and have no power but to let it go.

Indeed, that very moment could turn into the most memorable, thrilling and adventurous time of all if we put our trust in the supernatural work of God Almighty! Little Miriam had a supernatural sight and was in this kind of thrill with her heart pounding – “God is going to do something now!” as she watched the baby float away in the basket.

She should’ve screamed in joy, praising God when she saw the Egypt’s Princess commanded her maid to get the basket!

Next thing you know, God returned the baby Moses to her mother and supplied all provisions to nurse the child, and secured him for His plan!

“Take this baby and nurse him for me,” the princess told the baby’s mother. “I will pay you for your help.” So the woman took her baby home and nursed him. Exodus 2:9

It takes God’s grace to realize (like Moses’s mother) certain situation that it is humanly impossible and it is time to let it go, and it takes God’s Spirit to receive supernatural sight (like Miriam) to expectantly look forward to what God is going to do next.

If  baby Moses was held too long by her mother he would’ve been killed by Pharaoh… God was able to move only after she let it go.

If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. Matthew 16:25

Real faith has no goosebumps!

Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan and blessed me. He said to me, ‘I will make you fruitful, and I will multiply your descendants. I will make you a multitude of nations. And I will give this land of Canaan to your descendants after you as an everlasting possession.’ Gen 48:3

This was the very first time, at first hand Joseph heard about God’s promise to Israel from his father Jacob.

Unlike Abraham, Isaac or Jacob – Joseph never once directly heard from God. He never received one promise directly from God of his fathers, or visited by an angel, or anointed by a prophet.

It is astounding to see how this man Joseph was able to do what he did, by obeying God in every single detail of his entire life – while had none of those “supernatural touches” from God.

Not him, only others saw that God’s Spirit and favor was upon him (Gen 39:3, Gen 39:23). Joseph was so holy, intrinsically connected to God’s will and His good pleasure all the time – without expecting or aware of the awaiting rewards, recognition and blessing of God.

Reason for Joseph’s success was quite simple – he obeyed his godly father Isaac and did what he asked him to do [Jacob said to Joseph, “Your brothers are pasturing the sheep at Shechem. Get ready, and I will send you to them.”  “I’m ready to go,” Joseph replied. Gen 37:12], and he loved his father enough to simply trust in his God in all he would go thru’.

It was by faith that Joseph, when he was about to die, said confidently that the people of Israel would leave Egypt. He even commanded them to take his bones with them when they left. Heb 11:22

The rest of his life in his reign in Egypt Jospeh started to confess and desire that promise God made to his father Isaac (Gen 48:3) as his final destiny – and forfeited all his success in Egypt.

Bottom line thought is, you don’t need to wait (and do nothing) for a complete revelation of the vision or purpose for your life – simply start doing now what your godly leader in the vision is asking you to do.

The Famine Leadership

Meanwhile, the famine became so severe that all the food was used up, and people were starving throughout the lands of Egypt and Canaan. By selling grain to the people, Joseph eventually collected all the money in Egypt and Canaan, and he put the money in Pharaoh’s treasury.

“You have saved our lives!” they exclaimed. Gen 47:13-14,25

More than for general public, vision is for the leaders.

Leaders can’t expect their people to understand and function in the vision until a threatening need arise in their lives.

Joseph never made all the Egyptians farmers to build huge barns for themselves during the 7 years of prosperity and stock enough for the next 7 years of severe famine. Rather he kept doing – reaping, hauling & storing in barns in all the Egyptian cities.

Reason – he very well knew that they’re not going to agree with the vision or it’s future outcome, rather they simply would continue to do what they were doing and eventually will perish due to their lack of preparation when the famine came.

It takes God’s wisdom and courage like Joseph to work hard in the given vision stocking up enough provisions not just for himself and Pharaoh family but for the whole nation of Egypt and its surrounding nations, during the time of prosperity.

Only this kind of leadership with persistence alone will last and save millions of lives during severe drought.

In other words, vision bound leaders has to keep doing what they should be doing with all their strength (and not to constantly look for people to approve) otherwise those very people who would argue would perish in the future.

For those people, Joseph actually became their leader only during the famine as he alone (the vision alone) had their provision.

Where there is a vision there is a provision!

Where there is no vision, the people perish Prov 29:11