The Unknown Ways That Take You To The Destiny

May God bless you and continue to keep you in His peace.

Dev Connects

Dev Paramarajan, Dec 5 2009 for HTC Service

Text: John 3:5-8 “you can’t explain people born of God”

Theme: Life of a child of God will be difficult to understand for any outsider, and it would be difficult for a child of God to explain his/her situation to others – but the knowledge of God and being in the will of God give them the peace for that situation.

Joseph – think of the way he went thru, even now no one can explain why Joseph had to go thru all that he went thru to get where he got.

If we start picking from the Bible men and women who would relate to this – I tell you, finally we would’ve listed all of them mentioned in the Bible. Why, those who led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

Rom 8:13-14 “Those who led…

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Come out of your shell

One day Jonathan said to his armor bearer, “Come on, let’s go over to where the Philistines have their outpost.” 1 Sam 14:1

There was no procrastination in Jonathan – this purely comes from sheer of faith and total trust in God. “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!” (v6)

While Saul and whole troop waiting for the “right time”, “resting”, “fasting” – Jonathan and his armor bearer were already conquering. You and I ought to leave the camp “now” and go towards the enemy’s outpost trusting fully the Lord Who wins the battle anyway – whether you’re few or many in the team.

So, what you’re waiting for?

🙂 will connect tomorrow. God bless!