Vision Series: CONNECT with Clarity [Taught in HTWC Sunday Class in 2010]

Key Text: Rev 22:20 “Yes, I am coming soon!”

Theme: Winning people to the Lord is only the first step. It is now important to connect them to the Lord and you stay connected with them. For such connection to last – the connection should be established with clarity.

If we were to listen today to each one of our testimonies, we would be amazed by the variety of ways a person could come into the knowledge of Christ. Lord can use any circumstance in our life to draw us closer to Him.

Without any doubt we all start our walk with God for selfish purposes. There is nothing bad about such start, because you don’t know any better. But it is an issue if our lives continue to be the same way without any transformation that’s supposed to happen over a period of time.

Peter was a fisherman, he wanted fish, but he couldn’t catch any. Jesus was on the spot and showed Peter that with Him, everything is possible. Peter now had boat full of fish and this new relationship with Jesus. When Jesus gave Him an option to follow Him – He chose Jesus and left immediately his boat and all those fishes just been caught and followed Jesus!


  • Peter was not seeking God’s Kingdom and His righteousness when Jesus met him
  • Peter had a worldly need
  • Peter came to the knowledge of Christ Jesus (day of his salvation)
  • Peter found Jesus to be more valuable since that point forward and it was easy for him to leave the very thing he wanted all these time.


Jesus didn’t do the miracle and marveled, “did you saw what I did Peter, from now on call unto me anytime you need fish – I will be there in a moment time to serve you!”. If He would’ve said then He would be like a magic genie.

Today, this is how we would like to connect with people whom we won; we say, let me know if you need miracle I am here to pray for you, nothing is impossible for our God. We want to be their genie or portrait Christ Jesus as a genie.

On the contrary, what Jesus did was amazing. As soon as Peter got saved (“Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man” Luke 5:8), Jesus responded “come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Mat 4:19).

Jesus placed an open door, a purpose, a vision for their life time – right away! Jesus hit the iron while it was hot.

If Jesus had to come back another day, Peter would demand Christ to give more fish to make more money.

There were people want to follow Jesus, but they said Lord just I bought a land, just I got married, just I bought an ox, just I bought a game station (in today’s term). Jesus didn’t argued, simply said “good bye!”. If not now, when they would follow? If you can’t follow Christ Jesus now, you would never follow Him. If you can’t make time for Christ today, you would never do it tomorrow. It simply states that Christ is not your priority.

Connection too needs urgency, in other words you can’t let the fire go down. Fire has to be kindled in each stage and make sure it burns brighter than before.

Today souls are been won for Christ, but because of a lack in the clarity of the new relationship (teachings) and a mentor not connected to them – people who had just born quite don’t know how to handle the relationship with Christ. They end up abusing the holy relationship with Lord strictly for the worldly needs and their selfish wants. If they don’t get what they want, they want to look in another place or in a “more powerful Church”.

Jesus said in a parable that some seed fell in midst of thorny bushes, it grew happily but because of thorns – it couldn’t grow further, the thorns started to choke and it couldn’t produce any fruits. Jesus explained that it’s like people who received Him (His word) joyfully, but were caught up in lust and cares of this world – and they never grow into the maturity.

If we are constantly thinking of our own problems, speaking to others of our own problems and are worried, hopeless and faithless – then we’re those whom Christ Jesus referred in this context. What do we lack? Vision! Purpose!

Romans 8:28 says “we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” – in a simple sentence “if you have vision, no matter what happens in your life – you will succeed (overcome)!”

How we connect today in Harvest Time?

Lord gave us a vision. Proverb 29:18 “where there is no vision, people perish”. NLT puts this in the way exactly we need to here today – “when people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild”.

There are people out there in Churches with lot of knowledge, lot of gifts, talents and abilities – but because they don’t have vision they couldn’t do much.

But if there is a vision in Church then for its people knowledge will come, gifts will start to operate and make them fruitful.

My Pastor always says “where there is vision, there is provision”.

Thank God, Lord gave His Church a vision. Which means there is provision for you and a future for you!

When you connect, connect with clarity.

Our connection lessons give you clarity first on –

  1. Who is God? Love of the Father – Christ has finished
  2. Who are you? Born from above – your new responsibility
  3. Who is your enemy? Satan is defeated – you got weapons to chase him down – live on offensive mode

Connect to Cell Groups to place them on solid rock foundation. The house that is built on a solid rock stands to any test and trials. Who is that solid rock? Teach them how to build on the solid rock.

Teach to obey God’s Word.

  • Come to Church regularly
  • Be baptized
  • Start to tithe
  • Pray regularly
  • Depend on God
  • Quit sin and start developing extreme dislike to it
  • Desire to grow in Christ likeness

If you don’t do that and teach these, you will become like a genie for people, they will drain you. Moses lacked the vision and became like a genie – people of Israel drained him all day.

Unless you learn to reproduce, the vision will die when you die. God put Joshua in the life of Moses to teach and train him in all he did. The Lord passed the vision down to Joshua when Moses died (Joshua 1).

When you connect, connect with clarity that they’re the next leaders. They got to know what you know, they got to let go what you let go and they got to do what you do. They got to know you believe in them just like how God believe in them. If you don’t believe that God gave them to you, your connectivity won’t work. If you fail to connect them to Christ with clarity, your connectivity won’t last very long.

John the Baptist said to his disciples “I must decrease, He must increase”. What he meant, don’t look at me, but look at Him! He is your Savior, He is your Provision, He is your Healing and He is your Future – not me. Period.

Challenge them as in Isaiah 55:1 “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!”

Matthew 6:33 if you dare to seek His vision, everything you need will chase you down. You simply walk all the time into the provision and soon totally forget what “lack” means. You will always have all things you need to do all things God called you to do.

If you can raise leaders who build strong, healthy relationship with the Lord – then they’re able men to pass everything you know (2 Tim 2:2). They’re now ready for the Training – not just to be informed, but become a trainer themselves!

Step #1: WIN: Win with urgency!

Step #2: CONNECT: Connect with clarity!

Step 3: TRAIN: Train with simplicity!

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