Vision Series: TRAIN with Simplicity [Taught in HTWC Sunday Class in 2010]

Key Text: Rev 22:20 “Yes, I am coming soon!”

Theme: There is no end for training (discipleship). True success of the training is that the BASICS are very clear to them, the foundation is laid strong and they’re ready now to build what God have for them over that!

I pray that God given vision for the Church be enlightened in your spirit.

Cars are designed these days for superb security features, like cruise will automatically slow down sensing an object in the near distance (adaptive cruise control radar emitters to sense an impending impact), if the distance decreases dramatically and car found that the driver is not applying the break – then immediately the car tightens the driver and passengers seat belts and automatically apply breaks for a hard-stop. This is Lexus LS series – but now found that their very basis motor skills like break and acceleration are in danger, recalled and can’t be trusted! What a shame.

Imagine a Christian life without addressing the basic discipline of Christian living – what a disaster that will be!

It is not raising the dead and healing the sick will make people want Christ Jesus as their Savior, but showing a proven character change in our lives by accepting the simplicity of life changing truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew the tax collector becoming one of His 12 is a miracle – a proven character change. Mary Magdalene a prostitute turning to Christ follower was an absolute miracle. Saul of Tarsus, a murderer and persecutor of Christians turned to be an Apostle of Christ is an outstanding miracle without a doubt.

What changed these people and made them as great leaders to lead many into the kingdom of God is their learning, accepting and living the simple message of Jesus Christ. Transformation is in simplicity of believing!

A leader has to be training in simple basic things and has to become strong in working out that. Do not lie, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not murder, don’t go for eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth, love your enemies, be generous – these are the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 5, The Sermon on the Mount) which forms the very foundation of a Christian character.

This is what Harvest Time teaches in School of Leaders, first to be the very follower of Christ, then a leader to lead the followers of Christ. In denying the pride of what we learned in this world is the beginning of a powerful disciple of Christ.

Teaching the simple things alone will give the strongest foundation.

Remember, you’re called not to be like Lexus, but to be like Jesus!

Discipleship process is what we call a Training stage in our vision. As we all know it’s not a one-time process to make you ‘know-it-all’ but a life process to make you convince ‘God-know-it-all’.

Training in the Church vision is not just the School of Leaders as many would vastly think. It’s actually the Cell Groups (Home Groups). The Cell lessons teach and trains us in God’s Word and God’s Work.

Cell group is the most important element of this vision. Cell Group is the only place of training; one could’ve went thru’ School of Leaders, or School of Ministries, or earned a PhD in Theology from a Bible Collage – but if he or she didn’t submitted to a weekly Cell Group, then they’re not in the process of training.

I want you to get a clear picture of the vision. Yes, School of Leaders will equip you as a leader to open a Cell Group, but the training continuous in the Cell Group you attend.

If we’ve to boil down the whole vision, we can say ‘Cell Group’ – is the vision! Cell Group is where we WIN them, Cell Group is where we CONNECT them, Cell Group is where we TRAIN them and Cell Group is what we SEND them to do! Cell Group is the vision!

Ours is not a Church with Cell Groups, it’s a Cell Church.

My Pastor mentioned few years before, if Church has to go thru’ persecution and even government orders all Churches to be closed like it happened for early Church (Book of Acts), only the Cell Church will stay open. This is the very reason Church of Acts met in house to house. We read that every time the early Church was persecuted, it grew. Why? Cell Groups!

If you know Physics – the smaller the object, the harder it becomes to break. Small Groups can’t be destroyed very easily. God’s Small Groups would rather start proliferate when it senses persecution. This is the reason devil is afraid when you’re been raised up as a Cell Leader.

What is then unique about the School of Leaders?

Lord Jesus spent more time with His disciples to train exactly what He did. His teachings to them at that point were not to meet their personal needs, but the Kingdom needs. Anything they would learn that time would directly apply to their calling.

It is imperative that the one in School of Leaders connect to his leader’s Cell Group even when he or she go thru’ the School of Leaders.

School of Leaders will equip a leader, while Cell Group is the one that will conceive, shape, grow and deliver the leader. In simple term – ‘reproduce’.

Jesus said it Luke 6:40 “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

What He meant is reproduction, but still the leader is a student to the teacher. You as a leader have to be connected with your leader.

Small Groups is the heart of Jesus ministry. He took every opportunity to teach and train His disciples in small group setting.

In year 2005 during the time my Pastor was slowly steering the Church to embrace God’s vision, I had a dream. My wife Anitha and myself always have dreams! I can’t tell you how many times God used dreams to speak to us, through us and raised faith.

In my dream in year 2005 was the only time I ever saw the Lord Jesus Christ face to face – I sat in front of Him and hear Him teach! In the dream I saw a big hall, almost like a warehouse – not so pretty, nothing fancy, it was quite simple facility. There were not even chairs in that hall. Lord Jesus Christ was not sitting in glory, but simply sitting flat on floor in Indian style and there were group of people sitting with him in a circle. There were other small groups sat in circles in the same hall – all were attentive to their own leaders speaking.

I always wanted Jesus in my dream, but when He came – for my astonishment He was simple, teaching to small group – while letting others to go to their leaders and sit under their teaching of His Word.

If Lord Jesus would walk into this Church building today, He will not go to the pulpit and ask for the microphone – rather, would sit with a small group and start teaching with simplicity.

His true ministry is not healing, deliverance, preaching – but teaching the Truth and let the Truth set people free!

When you come to our Cell Groups, you will hear Jesus speak. In our Cell groups you will be truly educated and trained in simplicity.

To open a Cell Group you don’t need a pretty home, a decent sofa or a fresh brew dunkin donut coffee. You don’t have to be skilled in music and have a voice to sing songs. All you need is a heart for God, love for people and zeal for His vision.

Jesus never looked for a decent place, if He found a shade under a tree He sat and made His group sat with Him. If He entered a home, the whole town entered the home –if there’s no room they got rid of the roof and brought in people.

Understand this – the God’s Word that you teach is much richer than a million dollar mansion, lazy boy’s couch and star bucks coffee. If you really want to be rich in everything, get trained in simplicity by being part of a Cell Group.

If you faithfully teach a small group, the Church will overflow with people. This is God’s way; this is how Jesus won then and continuing to win now. Our success is not in the mass, but in the small groups.

When you multiply Cell Groups, you multiplied your Church!

Step #1: WIN: Win with urgency!

Step #2: CONNECT: Connect with clarity!

Step #3: TRAIN: Train with simplicity!

Next Step #4: SEND: Send with assurance!

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